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This drug is a nutritional metabolic support rich in PUFAs and nucleotides. It is targeted for animals with specific pathologies such as clinical and subclinical malnutrition or cachexia. Cachexia is caused by cancer and is the most common syndrome in Veterinary Medicine. It may be defined as a progressive weight loss that takes place even in the presence of an apparently proper caloric ingestion.

Indication and suggestions of use

This drug is indicated for the nutritional supplementation of dogs with specific pathologies which require the supplementation with nucleotides and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


03 doses. Once a day, during three consecutive days. Repeat for two weeks.


03 doses. Once a day, during three consecutive days. Repeat for four weeks.


03 doses. Once a day, during three consecutive days.

The suggestions above do not replace the recommendation of the veterinary doctor. Prevention is always the best way. Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to assure the well-being of your animal. Check the package insert of NUXCELL PUFA.

Cachexia and specific pathologies

  • Acts like an adjunct to the global clinical treatment.
  • Minimizes the secondary effects of the antineoplastic treatment.
  • Reduces weight loss.
  • Provides a better life quality.

Clinical and subclinical malnutrition

  • Prevention or correction of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Recover the body condition in debilitated animals.
  • Improvement in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Modulation of the immune system.

Ingredients/ Actives

PUFAs n-3Nutritional support. It reduces oncologic patients weight loss and modulates the immune system.
Amino acidsRegulate the physiologic and immune functions. Arginine may affect positively the vital signs, the quality of life, and the survival time of animals with cancer.
VitaminsThe folic acid at oncological treatment is widely described in the literature. Lack of Vitamin A can take to an immune compromise. Complex B, recommended in anorexia, metabolism increase and catabolism situations.
Purified NucleotidesEssential for the physiological maintenance of critical conditions.
Exclusive symbioticMaintains the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and the beneficial microflora, improves the absorption of nutrients, control enteritis, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and acts beneficially in the immunological system.

NUXCELL® PUFA must be used as an adjunct. It does not replace the conventional treatment. Use under profesional guidance.


Individual package containing one applicator of a single dose (02 grams), packaged in a display with 20 doses.

Nuxcell PUFA

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Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to ensure the well-being of your animal. Prevention is always the best way.