About the product

Developed to act as a symbiotic adjunct to the clinical treatment of dogs and cats in situations which demand the improvement of the immune response, such as periodical vaccinations, use of anti-helminthic drugs, and specific pathological conditions.

Indication and suggestions of use

Indicated for dogs and cats as symbiotic adjuvant for intestinal flora recomposing, vaccinations and specific pathologies that require nucleotides, glutamine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Vaccinations and boosters

01 dose. At each vaccine dose.


01 dose. Associated to each anti-parasitic dose.

Debilitated animals and post-surgical recovering

03 doses. Once a day, for three consecutive days.

The suggestions above do not substitute the veterinary doctor´s indication. Preventing is always the best way. Regular visiting the Veterinary Doctor is the best for ensure your animal´s welfare. Read the NUXCELL PLUS leaflet.

Pathologies and Recovering

  • Reinforces the immune response in clinical treatments.
  • Facilitates recoveries after surgeries – immunosuppressive, tissue recovering, and healing conditions

Vaccinations and Annual booster

  • Reduces the variation in the intensity of the response.
  • Acts upon the animal related factors.
  • Improves the immune response

Anti-parasitic use

  • Helps in the reduction of the parasitic load.
  • Activates the immune response – increase of the IgE.
  • Reduces the number of conditions resulting from anemia.

Ingredients / Actives

Purified NucleotidesDemanded during diseases, limited consumption of nutrients, and endogenous disorders. Result in the improvement of the immune system.
Glutamine / ArginineFunctional nutrients capable of modulating the immunological and inflammatory responses, accelerating the processes of healing and recover of tissues.
Exclusive symbioticMaintains the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and the beneficial flora, improves the absorption of nutrients, controls the enteritis, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and acts beneficially on the immune system.
Polyphenols / Vitamin EAntioxidant activity.
Beta-glucans / MOS / FOSImmune and prebiotic functions. Increase the content of IgA. Improve the immune response during vaccination.
TaurineEssential amino acid for cats.

NUXCELL® PLUS must be used as an adjunct treatment. It does not replace the conventional treatment. Use it under professional guidance.


Individual package containing one applicator of a single dose (02 grams), packaged in a display with 20 doses.

Nuxcell Plus

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Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to ensure the well-being of your animal. Prevention is always the best way.