About the product

This medication is an immunomodulatory symbiotic. It was developed to be used in the most critical phase of the life of dogs, when they pass from a sterile environment protected from infections, represented by the maternal womb, to an external environment full of microorganisms, representing a great challenge.

Indication and suggestions of use

Indicated for nutritional supplementation of neonate, debilitated, and dehydrated dogs or in situations of stress (vaccinations, weaning, among others).


01 dose after colostrum.

First Vaccinations

01 dose per animal. Associated to each vaccine dose.


01 dose at weaning and 01 dose after 15 days.


01 dose each 15 days.

Debilitated animals or diarrhea

03 doses. Once a day, for three days.

The suggestions above do not substitute the indication of the veterinary doctor. Prevention is always the best way. Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to ensure the well-being of your animal. Check the package insert of NUXCELL NEO.

Birth and Weaning

  • Modulation of the intestinal microbiota
  • Improves the immunological response

First Vaccinations

  • Reduces the intensity variation of the response
  • Acts upon animal related factors
  • Facilitates the immune response

Enteritis / Debilitation

  • Improves the integrity of the intestinal mucosa
  • Higher control of diseases
  • Refills the beneficial microbial flora
  • Suppresses the increase of the intestinal pathogenic bacteria

Ingredients / Actives

Purified NucleotidesRequired in situations such as rapid growth and endogenous disorders. Result in the improvement of the immune system.
Amino acids and mineralsRegulate different physiological functions, facilitate complex metabolic reactions, and modulate the immunological components.
Exclusive symbioticMaintains the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and the beneficial microflora, improves the absorption of nutrients, controls the enteritis, inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, and acts beneficially in the immunological system.
Mannans and Beta-glucansProven prebiotic and immunomodulatory efficacy.

NUXCELL® NEO must be used as an adjuct medication. It does not replace the conventional treatment. Use under professional guidance.


Individual package containing one applicator of a single dose (02 grams), packaged in a display with 20 doses.

Nuxcell NEO

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Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to ensure the well-being of your animal. Prevention is always the best way.