About the product

A symbiotic immunomodulatory drug developed exclusively for felines that require an immunological strengthening in specific pathologies, such as infectious diseases that might result in immunosuppression.

Indication and suggestions of use

Indicated for kittens or adult cats in situations where they need to strengthen the immune system.


One dose of 2 grams per week, during at least eight consecutive weeks.


One dose of 2 grams per day, for three consecutive days, whenever is required.

The doses may be changed according to the guidance of the technical personnel in charge.

Immunosuppressive diseases

  • Strengthens the immune system during immunosuppression.
  • Helps against secondary diseases, such as respiratory and oral diseases.

Debilitated animals

  • Recover the body condition in debilitated animals.
  • Improvement in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients / Actives

MOS / Beta-glucansStimulus to the immune system, significant increase in the proliferation of defense cells.
Iron and CopperPrevention of anemia, common in some viral infections of felines.
TaurineEssential amino acid not produced by the cat.
ProbioticImproves oral health; regulation of the permeability of the mucosa; production of antioxidants; regulation of the intestinal microbiota.
B12 VitaminImproves the therapeutic response.
GlutamineImproves the gastrointestinal function and optimizes the function of enterocytes.
LysineHelps in the reduction of the clinical signs associated to respiratory diseases.

NUXCELL® FEL must be used as an adjunct. It does not replace the conventional treatment. Use under professional guidance.


Individual package containing one applicator of a single dose (02 grams), packaged in a display with 20 doses.

Nuxcell FEL


Regular visits to the Veterinary Doctor are the best way to ensure the well-being of your animal. Prevention is always the best way.