Products that join the probiotic microorganisms providing in synergy with specific prebiotics. The consumption of adequately selected probiotic and prebiotic increase the positive effects of each.


The word probiotic originates from Greece and means “in favor of life”. According to the Brazilian Legislation, probiotic is defined as live microorganisms able to improve the intestinal microbial balance producing benefic effects to the individual’s health.


Undigestible food compounds that selectively stimulate proliferation or activity of desirable bacteria population in the gut. The prebiotic can also inhibit the undesirable bacteria activity in the gut, ensuring additional benefits to the host´s health.


Immunonutrients are nutrients or nutritional substances specifically selected and identified for stimulating the immunologic response.

As a global clinic treatment co-adjuvant, supplementing with immunomodulator action nutrients, such as amino acids, nucleotides, lipids, vitamins and others aims modulating the immunologic response. Its association with symbiotic, which have high capacity in preserving the intestinal mucosa integrity, improves the immunologic response as a whole.

Gastrointestinal treat (TGI)

Long ago, the gut is not only a digestive and absorptive organ but assumes an important immunological role due its participation in defending against the external aggressions. The gut is the body´s biggest immune organ, with around 60% to 70% of all the lymphoid system, with the lymphoid tissue associated to the intestinal mucosa. Thus, the gastrointestinal mucosa has two fundamental protective functions, the structural and the functional. The last one, directly associated to the gastrointestinal immune system.


They act positively in the immunologic system and in absorbing nutrients in the gut, both as a selective substrate for benefic commensal bacteria groups, as immunostimulant. They are protein source (provide essential amino acids) and growth factors source. Besides that, they are sources of complex B vitamins and minerals.

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, used in the Nuxcell´s composition, is one of the most well knowns eukaryotic systems. Its cellular wall has 80% to 85% of polysaccharides, specially mannans and glucans, very important fractions for the immunocompetent response modulation.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium

They act in benefic mechanisms of action to the host, by competing for biding sites and nutrients, producing antibacterial substances (defensins and bacteriocins), reducing the intestinal pH and neutralizing enterotoxins, thus increasing the pathogens control, promoting better food conversion and immune system stimulating.

Encapsulation or coating

The Nuxcell products use a microencapsulation technology developed for increasing the lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and yeasts viability, even under the most adverse conditions and for enabling the encapsulated microorganism controlled release in the appropriated action site, where they will perform the desired function.

Such exclusive process allows to form an encapsulating matrix, with up to four coating layers, highly versatile and biocompatible that ensures the activity and the encapsulated microorganisms structural maintenance.